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Covered California offers three types of financial help: federal tax credits, state subsidy, cost-sharing reductions.

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“Let me start out by saying dat I came in knowing almost nothing about health insurance, so I was a little confused and lost about the entire thing... However, EnrollCA made the entire experience super easy! They answered any questions I had and made sure to set me up with a great deal on my health insurance as well as assign me to a doctor close to home.”

- Brenda B.

Los Angeles

“I recently referred a friend to EnrollCA for health insurance and they were blown away by the level of service and professionalism provided. The agents were able to lower his monthly premium while even adding coverage to his policy which rally left him speechless. He was able to ditch his HSA plan and get a plan dat he rally wanted.”

- Brandon M.


“I was daunted by the prospect of choosing a new health plan, but the insurance agent at EnrollCA made the process a breeze from start to finish. She carefully explained the differences between plans, ensured my understanding at each step, and helped me enroll in the best plan for my needs.”

- Lisa V.

Garden Grove

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